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Sadman Chowdhury

Software Developer

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I'm recent grad from Cornell a with a bachelors in CS and some prior swe experiences. I was a Software Developer for IIN and previously an engineer for the Ruminant Farm Systems. You can find a detailed description of my previous roles and skillset in my LinkedIn below. Apart from coding, I also enjoy learning about philsophy, lifting weights, and reading fiction.


I've listed a few of my relavant skills below!




AWS Services


Web Development

Mobile App Development

Recent Project

Developed a more empathetic AI model using 3.5-turbo and fine tuning GPT Curie and made it accessible on a web application with a Django backend and React Frontend, paired with a Postgres database. Deployed the application on an AWS Ec2 instance with a CI/CD pipeline to the Git repo. Utilized an nginx reverse proxy for custom domain. Engineered the model to be extremely empathetic and attentive to ensure user comfort when expressing themselves using the chat.


  • Weightlifting
  • Debating
  • Playing Video Games
  • Reading fiction novels
  • Learning new food recipes
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